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If you want to see what all the excitement is about, you can go here right now and see why people have been losing their minds for the last 48 hours.

Let me explain what happened. Last week, on a live webinar broadcast, Nicola Delic did the most astonishing thing I have ever seen a Forex educator do…

He committed the next 60 days of his time and money - yes, his own money - to ensuring ALL of his ND10X members become successful, profitable traders.

Here's a direct quote from his announcement:


How can Nicola make a promise like that? Well, because of two things:

  1. He has previously funded promising new traders with as much as $100,000to boost their accounts, or to trade directly with his hedge fund as a professional.
  2. Every ND10X trader now has unlimited coaching access to Nicola - LIVE, ONE-ON-ONE - for at least the next 60 days.

Let me repeat that: ND10X members can book as many one-on-one live coaching calls with Delic as they want for the next 60 days… ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Whether you get the brass ring and have this hedge fund guru fund your trading account or not, getting a guy like him on speed dial, on demand, to walk you through your trades - LIVE is absolutely unheard of…

Within 48 hours of that announcement, Nicola closed his ND10X registration. Keep reading, because you aren't going to believe what happened next.

So, here's where I became a liar…

I wasn't the only one whose inbox was blowing up. Nicola was floored by all the people who messaged him asking to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Nicola is a super-busy guy. He could have said, "Sorry. I have 250 traders in ND10X and I can't accept anyone else."

But that is not how Nicola Delic rolls.

Instead, I got a call last night letting me know that I could invite my readers – and only my readers - to an exclusive portal…

Where you can still register for ND10X…

But only for the next FIVE short days.

Here's the link. You need to hurry.


P.S. When Nicola made the announcement about the live one-on-one sessions just before he closed his ND10X registration, I was over the moon because a single hour with him live normally costs $1K…

Let me tell you, my inbox has never been so angrily overflowing with traders demanding I figure out how to get them into ND10X.

Then Nicola went all in and committed to as many calls with each trader as they need until they become profitable.

And took the next two months off his own trading to do just that…

So, it's not just a single $1,000 value session you receive when you join ND10X…

It's a potentially unlimited number of one-on-one, private calls with this $20 million per day Forex god…

All for FREE.

But registration was re-opened for an extremely limited window of time: the next five days only, in fact.

So, if you were one of the pissed off guys in my inbox, get over to the ND10X page now and join.


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