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He is a legend in Forex trading. A man whose name you would know.

Yet there was a time when he was just like a lot of you. New to trading, struggling to find something that worked.

He says he lost two years' salary the very first month he was trading live.

So, to say he has learned the hard lessons is an understatement.

Today he makes more money than most corporate CEOs, but without all the long hours, hard work and politics that go along with big business.

Here's how to make as much as a corporate CEO without ever leaving your house.

The reason they call him the man with the golden touch is because he has not only made himself a fortune, but also made other people millions in what many considered untradeable market conditions. And he's done it over and over.

He spent years and a small fortune learning how to trade. When he started there was little to nothing about Forex available online.

He had to get on a plane and travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to sit down and learn from a master trader.

That was a blessing in many ways though…

Even though good information was hard to come by and expensive, at least it was real.

Let me explain…

There are countless hacks online who couldn't trade their way out of a wet paper bag claiming they can teach you to trade.

Completely unproven systems that flat out don't work.

And do you know what their secret weapon for getting your hard-earned money is?

Making systems and methods that are so complicated that they can blame a million different things when you aren't making money.

However, there are still masters in the art of trading who are willing to teach you…

And share their personal systems. Proven systems that they use every day to make millions.

This is one such trading master.

When asked about his "golden touch," he replied with one word…


  • He said the system he uses only has 2 rules and involves very little time spent trading.
  • And it regularly produces gains in excess of 100% per month.
  • And it has a win rate of over 90% which he attributes to the simplicity and accuracy of the system.

He said that most people over complicate trading and do it to their peril. Making money trading he said, is far easier than anyone believes.

If you want to put your trust in someone who can truly help you become a better trader, while providing all the tools you need…

This is the guy you should listen to



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